Actionable insight instead of data pucking

In this post Jawbone's data team suggests 7 to be the magic number for how many hours of sleep are optimal. Quite an interesting analysis, at least the results seem to be more of an actionable insight than pure data pucking (which I talked about in this post). 


I understand that this kind of data porn is targeted at mainstream consumers as part of the marketing mix and that showing data distributions would overload these people. Still I would have loved to see some more advanced analysis results, e.g. what kind of clusters exist, what is the distribution of sleeping hours etc..


Statements like "members who sleep an average of 7 hours per night are 16% more likely to report feeling more energetic the next day" make my head spin a little (do they report this when they have slept the average hours of 7, more, less, etc.) and I think a hint towards not mixing up correlation and causality would be appropriate here (if this analysis wasn't aimed at mainstream consumers). But overall the results of this analysis is an actionable insight, I will aim for 7 hours the next couple of nights.