János Moldvay


I am data guy who started working in the business analytics sector in 2003. From having written bash scripts for dynamically generating SQL scripts to developing predictive analytics models and recommender systems I have touched on some of the many interesting topics in data analytics.


I don't have a phd and I am not too interested in the details of specific machine learning algorithms. I am driven by the desire to actually apply algortihms and data driven methodologies to leverage business value. The moments when the numbers in front of you start telling a story, proof something right or wrong and make decisions obvious, they are what I am in the game for.


These are exciting times, with the overhyped terms "Data Science" and "Big Data" suddenly bringing the sexy into data analytics. I don't believe the hype but I am fascinated by the world's thirst for stats.


Check out my full profile here: de.linkedin.com/in/jmoldvay


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Tagmantic: a social recommender service based on semantic tag graphs and tag clusters
ACM Recsys 2010, Barcelona
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